Thora Turns 6!

Thora turned 6 last week. And judging by the number of photos in this post, It. Was. EPIC.

It started with a well-executed version of a pinterest-inspired Surprise Balloon Door, or Door Balloon Surprise, or Balloon Surprise Door. Normally, this is done to the outside of the door of the birthday girl or boy. But since I couldn’t be absolutely sure that she or her brother wouldn’t exit the room in the night or early morning, I had to lure her to a different door. Here she is, entering our dining room, which has two doors.


Once in this room, we had her open the other door to the dining room which had the balloon surprise: balloons trapped between the closed door and a “cage” of crepe paper streamers.




The rest of the morning involved birthday blueberry muffins (they never get baked goods on a weekday morning) and cards from family. (I was saving the gifts until after school.)



Posing with a letter from Aunt Natalie

Fun cards…


Auric thinks he’s something special, here. I think he’s looking for Sean’s reaction as he sets his card up to play “The Chicken Dance” for the 15th time in 60 seconds.


After school, it was time for the first gift, a horseback riding lesson from Grandma Bevy and Granddad Brian.

We spoke to Brenda at Equi-U & Us, and arranged to get Thora a beginner’s lesson. Here Thora is meeting Chit Chat, the nice horse that she would ride.




Brenda led Chit Chat and Thora around the ring a few times for Thora to get her balance. Brenda specializes in “natural horsemanship” which is an alternative to traditional method (bridle, bit, spurs, etc.). Thora is sitting on a fabric saddle that’s strapped around Chit Chat’s belly and there are reins that are attached to the rope around Chit Chat’s nose. And that’s it!


After a few minutes in the ring, we went for a walk down the road.




And not surprising, as soon as we got in the car, Thora confirmed that she wanted another lesson, and that in fact, we should get her a horse. Auric chimed in that we should get two horses, and they immediately planned how this would work, and how they would ride their horses to school.

Then it was back home. We had a few birthday skype calls, and then once Sean got home from work it was Present Time!

There were lots of great gifts and sadly I didn’t get good pictures of her opening them all, since it kind of happens in a feral frenzy. But here are some highlights.



Thora got several cooking-related gifts: fun measuring cups/spoons from Aunt Natalie, a cute mini bakeware set in the shape of garden insects, and this kids’ cookbook.



Then, per Thora’s request, we ate dinner at the Fishing Club, followed by a chilly, but stunningly beautiful wander on Waikanae Beach while we ate ice cream. Thora and Auric had scoops of Candy Floss (i.e. Cotton Candy) and Sean and I got the Kiwi standard, Hokey Pokey (vanilla with bits of honeycomb).




But that wasn’t all. The celebration continued on Saturday.

First, our friend Mel, Thora’s “kiwi auntie,” took Thora for Morning Tea and then to get her nails done by the local expert of nail art, Mia at Nail Glamour Gisborne.


I managed to take a terrible picture of this, but they were great! Delicately painted flowers, hearts, and various glitter and “bling” on her beautiful yellow nails. (We then proceeded to make yellow icing for her cupcakes to match her nails.)


Keeping with our tradition, we had a theater-themed birthday party for Thora. This was held at Unhinged Productions, here in Gizzy. It was an incredible 2 hours. The space is bright and spacious, perfect for the 14 kids that were there (including Little Brother). And Shauna and Phillip, the owners, have literally a GAZILLION costumes and props. Literally. The kids created hilarious characters for themselves, made their friends look ridiculous, and then traded and went back for more. Amidst some free play, Faerie Queen Shauna and Prince Phillip played acting games with the kids. It was huge hit. And again, the excitement and movement was too much for me to capture photographically. But here are the highlights. And strangely, none of my photos of the birthday girl came out!














And that does it for another year…

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One Response to Thora Turns 6!

  1. Julie P says:

    Such fun and celebration! So fitting for Thora. Looks like the day and party were awesome. It was cold and we had lots of snow on the ground here on Thora’s birthday and we reminisced about her Dana park 4 burgers picnic dinner last year.
    We miss you all.

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