Hike up Te Kuri Farm Walkway

Today, at the surprising hour of 3 pm, we started a hike up the Te Kuri Farm Walkway. Surprising, since it was a 3-hour hike. So we were all exhausted by the end. But the day was gorgeous and we wanted to make the most of it! So off we went…

This is a private farm that is free and open to hikers all year round, except for lambing season, which only lasts for a few weeks in early spring. It was a great trail with lots of markers to keep us on the track.

Here’s where I launched into “The hills are alive… with the sound of music.” My family was delighted.

Almost immediately Auric needed a lift. I mean, seriously, you can see over Auric’s left knee where we came in. Sean is a good sport.

But then he saw Thora walking with a “walking stick” and he wanted some of that action.

The poor little goats ran from us in terror. Well, they ran for about 20 feet and then turned around and stared at us. (Possibly in terror. Not sure.) Also, on a totally unrelated note, this is the point in the hike, like 20 minutes in, that Thora said, “Mom, I’m not going to hold your hand if you keep singing.”

This is our first peek at the spectacular view to come.

“Cows, Mom!”

A better view…

This is the view in the opposite direction of the bay, the hills to the north east, up the coast.

And finally, the view from the very top!

It was such a great hike. Thora walked the whole way up and down, and only whined a handful of times about being tired, which incidentally is a fraction of the whining that happens in a normal, non-hiking 3-hour time span. Auric walked about 1/2 of it, which is phenomenal, considering that on previous hikes he has complained of being tired while riding on Sean’s shoulders. The weather was perfect, a cloudless blue sky so we could see for miles and miles, with a slight breeze to keep us cool but lots of sun to keep us warm. The trail was well-kept and there were only two or three spots when the slope was unnervingly steep. Otherwise it was challenging enough to count as a real hike, while not being too much for our family. A perfect afternoon!

Arms of Triumph!

Walking Sticks of Triumph!

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