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Hike up Te Kuri Farm Walkway

Today, at the surprising hour of 3 pm, we started a hike up the Te Kuri Farm Walkway. Surprising, since it was a 3-hour hike. So we were all exhausted by the end. But the day was gorgeous and we … Continue reading

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The expat life is full of surprises

Here are a few things that I was surprised to find out, about the Kiwi people and culture. (Also, * = Sweeping Generalization.) 1) The Kiwis LOVE The Smashing Pumpkins*. 2) I thought that the Kiwis really liked the Lionel … Continue reading

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Besides daytripping, what do we do?

As a new friend here said, “I mean, I have 10 fingers. These nails don’t file themselves.” Hah! I’m not doing much in the way of nail-filing (to be clear, neither is she). In fact we have catapulted ourselves into … Continue reading

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A daytrip up the coast to Tokomaru Bay

A couple weekends ago, we took a lovely Saturday and drove up Pacific Highway 35 to Tokomaru Bay. We wanted something we could do in an afternoon because Sean and I were both planning on running the Gisborne Quarter Marathon … Continue reading

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