Stunning Photos of our Humble Little Town

Last weekend, we climbed Titirangi, also known as Kaiti Hill. It was a very do-able hike with our two young kids (although, as usual, Sean ends up carrying Auric on his shoulders for most of the way up). Much of the hike is up stairs, either carved into the hillside and supported by vertical planks of wood set into the hill, or via cement stairs (which were pretty hard on the knees coming down the hill). But in terms of being a family-friendly bit of outdoorsy exercise, it can’t be beat. There is a playground about halfway up and the views at the playground lookout and (of course) at the top are stunning.

If I had the time, I’d “stitch together” the following photos into a nice long panorama. But alas, I’m not up for the low-yield/time-invested that it would likely take to make that happen. So if you can work with me here, that’d be great. The top picture is looking out to sea and we move to the right and inland with the subsequent photos.

New Zealand has a substantial logging industry and Gisborne is a major exporter. So those brown masses down there are neatly-stacked piles of logs, sadly a major eye-sore on Gisborne’s shoreline (not to mention what it’s done to land erosion, etc.). Moving onward and inward…

That’s our humble, little town. Now back to some stunners from near the top, and the top.

halfway up

The above photo shows off the very prominent Young Nick’s Head (the white, sandy cliffs), one of the many intriguingly-named landmarks thanks to the explorer Capt. Cook. Here’s the story, if you’re curious. (Don’t worry; it’s not gruesome. Sadly.)

Arms of Triumph!

Now the descent.

It was a great excursion for us and one I hope becomes a tradition.

Now, I’m off to bed. I have loads more to report, e.g. the amazing and unforgettable Pohiri, the Maori welcoming ceremony for Sean and the newest staff members to the hospital; Auric’s first week of school; making new friends; missing our friends and family at home; anticipating Thora’s first day of school on Monday… Perhaps when both kids are in school, I’ll have a little more time in the mornings to catch up. But when am I going to fit in surfing lessons?!? More soon. Stay tuned!

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One Response to Stunning Photos of our Humble Little Town

  1. Kris Speakes says:

    Really enjoyed catching up on all of your adventures. You are making me re-think my desire to return to the US. Can’t wait to read the next installment.

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