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Labour Weekend

We’ve now celebrated our first Labour Weekend as Kiwis (and our second of 2012!). We had a great time around the area, seeing more of the new place we now call home. While this post will be a little on … Continue reading

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First day of school was a resounding success

Now THAT’S my girl. What a relief to have today behind us. We’ve been anticipating it for so long, watching Thora’s courage wax and wan as frequently as the weather changes here in Gissy. This morning I was pessimistic as … Continue reading

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Thora’s Big Day Tomorrow

Finally, after being out of school since June 15th, and being out of summer camp since Aug 17th, after traveling across the U.S. and the Pacific with just her family, her 3 year-old brother her only peer, Thora will start … Continue reading

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Amusing Anecdotes

Feel like moving abroad but are unsure how you’re going to integrate into the community? Want the newness of an exotic place without the awkward moments while trying to fit in? Well, just live vicariously through us until you make … Continue reading

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Stunning Photos of our Humble Little Town

Last weekend, we climbed Titirangi, also known as Kaiti Hill. It was a very do-able hike with our two young kids (although, as usual, Sean ends up carrying Auric on his shoulders for most of the way up). Much of … Continue reading

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Overnight in Napier

Napier boasts its Art Deco architecture and wine country. For us, it will be forever remembered as our first overnight trip from Gisborne. We left on Friday afternoon and began the curviest drive that I’m pretty sure I’ve ever done. … Continue reading

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Gisborne: The First Week, Part 2

A bit more about our new life… The House We’re living in an old, three-bedroom house. In so many ways, it’s the best place we’ve ever lived. For one, it has a pool! It’s unheated, but we’re not picky. In … Continue reading

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