One week

In one week from today, from right now, we’ll be departing our fair city and our beloved friends. Earlier today, I could not hold back the tears as Miss Amy, Thora’s Tae Kwon Do instructor for two years, presented her with her solid yellow belt and said such warm and loving things to her before bidding her and all of us lots of luck on our adventure. Cue waterworks. That shell of a person that I was a few weeks ago? Hah! I’m all raw emotion all the time now.

Which brings me to a completely obvious and yet pitifully recent observation, namely that this upcoming week is proving to be so hard, emotionally, not because a) I can’t see the upside of all this, namely that we have an incredible opportunity to have an adventure right now, in the middle of our lives (and so soon into our kids’ lives), nor b) that I’m an unwilling participant.  It’s just the totally obvious realization that next Saturday marks the closing of the chapter of this life, but not simultaneously the beginning of the exciting New Zealand chapter, since we have three weeks of traveling westward before that chapter begins.

Despite the tone of my recent posts, I do have moments of giddy anticipation about all that lies ahead of us. It’s not like we’re being shipped off to Siberia (no offense intended, Siberia!). Or as my brother-in-law jokingly put it, “Oh no! Not crumby New Zealand!” I do get it. I promise! It’s just that this week is about goodbyes. And each day that goes by, the sense of sadness, of nostalgia, gets distilled down into a concentrated essence of these emotions. At the moment, these emotions are overpowering the excitement and elation. But I know that once Cambridge is in our rear view mirror, after the many tears have been shed, we’ll begin to ready ourselves for the chapter that will detail the start of our big adventure. The chapter that begin something like this: “Our fearless heroes and heroines stepped off the plane in Gisborne, New Zealand, with no clue as to what all would be waiting for them…”

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