Clenching jaw, getting headache, venting steam into blog post.

It’s unbelievable to write this, but Sean has his final work day five weeks from today. We are getting close to the final month countdown. And yet…

Most notably, we have no visas because we’re still awaiting the Medical Council of New Zealand to issue Sean credentials authorizing him to practice in NZ. My hair might be turning various degrees of grey if I didn’t keep dying it blue. And Sean’s hair might be falling out if he had any left. (Yikes. Too harsh?)

Anyway, we’ve had some back and forth with our contact at the embassy in DC, and thankfully it appears that they are processing the other pieces of our applications. But, it’d be sooo nice to know that we won’t be turned away from the location where Sean is supposed to start work on October 1.

Right now, it still feels as if there is a very real chance that this all could fall through. And that avenue of thought comes with a pretty hefty dose of defeat. Sean will be unemployed in 5 weeks. If our departure gets delayed, then what? Do we preserve our savings and live in one of parents’ houses until we can finally launch ourselves across the Pacific? (In-laws, Parents, if you’re reading this, umm, can we maybe stay with you if our departure gets delayed?) Do we say, “Screw you, Savings!” and seize the opportunity and take the 4 of us on an impromptu adventure while we await our intended adventure to start?

And also notably, we are still without tenants for our 2 bedroom condo for a September 1 move-in. Gahhh! This is what is causing me lots of jaw-clenching and the subsequent headaches. The realtor we’ve hired keep assuring us that it’ll rent, not to panic. But then in the next breath he asks me what’s under the wall-to-wall carpeting (answer: subflooring), telling me that if we were to rip that up and put in hard wood floors throughout the house, then it would’ve already been snapped up. Apparently, when potential renters come to view our place, they don’t see the awesome location (across the street from a soon-to-be swoon-worthy public park, walking distance to a Trader Joe’s, a Whole Foods, the Charles River, Central Sq., etc.), the open layout, the washer/dryer in the unit, etc., because they are blinded by the somewhat dingy white carpet. Are you kidding? The soft carpet that we(!) are paying to have cleaned 4 times a year? I mean, yes. I get it. Hard wood floors are very contemporary and overall easier to maintain. But am I the only one who enjoys the occasional stretch-out on a carpeted floor?!? I mean, who are these people (i.e. monsters) the realtors are showing our place to who are so appalled by the carpeting? And where are the visiting Harvard/MIT/BU/BC/(I could go on) professors and their families who’d love our family-friendly home (you know, because kids and therefore their parents spend a lot of time on the floor playing and who might be happy for, I don’t know, carpeting?)? Why haven’t our realtors shown our place to any of those people? I keep being assured, when I ask them if they’ve posted our place to lists for the Harvard Business School, or even craigslist, they say that they’re covering all the bases. And yet… GuhhhGrrrCRHHGHH!

Well, as I vent the release valve of my moving-related stress directly into this blog post, our loyal carpet cleaners are at our place scrubbing that white carpet back to its original state. So hopefully, if there are showings in the coming days, the carpet won’t be such a terrible, hideous, offensive eyesore. Because, umm, no, we can’t put in hard wood floors throughout our whole house right now, as we’re still trying to live here and all. And since we already dropped an obscene amount of money freshening up/repainting every interior wall in the place and fixing the bathroom tiles, and refinishing the two wood floor areas in the kitchen and entryway. And since this is a RENTAL! (Steam… venting…)

Okay. Sorry about that. Anyways. I know that we’ve brought this on ourselves. We’ve chosen this path. And for the most part, I know that things will likely turn out fine. But at the moment, things don’t seem that fine. That’s where things stand. Not any closer, but somehow frightening close since we are a mere 5 weeks from departing our fair city and there are two very major loose ends that need tying up. So I just unclench my jaw that I didn’t realize I was clenching and take some advil for the inevitable headache.

Oh, and have I written about how we have 5 weeks left and I still am dealing with the never-ending saga that is my battle with iPhoto and deleting the massive amount of duplicates and how this needs to get resolved before we possibly trade-in our current desktop for a laptop for travel? While the visa issue is surely turning my hair grey, and not finding tenants is giving me pressure headaches from all the jaw-clenching, my iPhoto debacle is surely giving me an ulcer. If I go into it all, my blood pressure will surely go into dangerous levels. I’ll just say this: Please don’t ever EVER move picture files out of the folders that iPhotos wants them to be in. Just, for the love of god, leave all that alone.

Okay, now I’m going to go try to shed this stress and find some serenity in my kids and rolling around on our clean (albeit still wet) wall-to-wall carpeting!

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