The path turns and suddenly the wind is at our backs.

Apparently, if you give a cry out into the big open sky, someone hears you. Within a day of writing the previous post in which I gripe and vent, the sky opened up and the sun shone down on our humble little family drama. Over the last 15 hours, we learned that we can indeed send off our application for visas, even though they are missing one component (final documentation from the Medical Council of New Zealand). And so this morning and into the early afternoon, Sean and I collated, double- and triple- checked that everything was signed and dated, and then Sean began photocopying. And I’m talking probably 200 pages of documents. Here it is:

visa applications

But we re-collated, bundled, and then with the folder under my arm, I nervously traveled to the closest FedEx location where I sent it off. And like that, our visas are on their way!

Godspeed, all our documents that represent our entire lives! Godspeed!

What elation. Why relief. What nausea. The emotions are garbled and churning in me right now. I’m petrified. I’m exhilarated. I know that this isn’t the end of the waiting. We still have to get that final piece from the MCNZ, a piece that we’ve been assured is coming but is just being held up as it goes from desk to desk for final sign-offs. And Sean’s medical history is a little complicated. So while he’s the healthiest person I know (seriously, it’s a little annoying!), probably that will add a little extra time for approval. But at least that massive stack of papers are not sitting here collecting dust. They’re on their way. There’s really something to knowing that you’ve done what you can do and now the rest just has to play out.

Pending approval, I’m going to try to ride this wave of elation as far as it will carry me.

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  1. rachbyrnes says:

    Hooray!!! And, if you need anything from this end, please email at

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