The Waiting Starts to Get Tense

I haven’t written in awhile because it seems like very little has changed. Too little has changed, and yet here we are with 7 weeks left. How is this all going to come together? How can it possibly?

Here’s where we stand. We are STILL waiting on the Medical Council to formalize Sean’s eligibility to practice medicine in New Zealand, and specifically, in the hospital where he’s already been hired. Once we have documentation of his license to practice, THEN we can send off our visa applications. That’s right. That massive pile of paperwork that contains proof that all four of us are healthy, non-criminals with earning potential? Yeah, that is still sitting here waiting on the medical license. And to make things more tense, the section of the visa with our kids’ physicals? That is about to expire. In 4 days. So now we have to hope that the recruiter can successfully get us an extension for that part of the visa. Otherwise, we’ll have to re-book appointments with our kids’ pediatrician, the person who sighed and eye-rolled his way through initialing and checking boxes on the 10 or so pages of the form. Yes, let’s do that again! (And perhaps at our expense, since I doubt our insurance will cover another one of these physicals.)

With our visa status still completely unresolved, we continue down the path of tying up the loose ends of our life here. We’re trying to have our place rented by September 1st, which becomes a slightly unnerving prospect if it means we won’t have a place to live because we don’t yet have a visa that allows us entry into NZ. And we get closer and closer to Sean’s last day of work, which again has an ominous feel to it since we don’t know for sure that he’ll be able to work come October 1st when his new job starts. And I just had to officially tell Thora’s school to give up her spot in her classroom here. So now if things fall through, we don’t have a school for her to attend come September. Gah!

We don’t have airfare yet. We don’t have a house rented for when we get there. We don’t have school and preschool sorted out for the kids. As we mentioned to friends yesterday, it would be easier for us to enjoy the anticipation of the move if there wasn’t this huge sinkhole in our path at the moment. And we could give ourselves over more completely to the enjoyment of our final weeks here.

I know that moving is one of the more stressful things that people do, especially when there are visas involved. I know that these immigration headaches are mild when put into perspective. I just wish I weren’t feeling so negatively at the moment. We’re about to embark on this crazy-exciting adventure! Have I forgotten that?!? I need to remember that even if things get delayed, we can still make this work. We’ll find a place to live. We’ll make do. And instead of dreading all the inconveniences, I need to remind myself that, given all the momentum we’ve generated, one option would be to wait out our eligibility on a road trip across the U.S. Or seizing on the chance to move to Costa Rica for a month! Or better yet, why not do the waiting on the beaches of Hawaii or Fiji?



And on that more positive note…

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3 Responses to The Waiting Starts to Get Tense

  1. Kerrie says:

    I can’t see an email address, but feel free to email me (hopefully my email address comes through). I’m a Kiwi who spent 12 years in Portland, OR and just moved home with my American husband and our 1 and 4 year old in March. We’re three months in and things may be settling down, but if you have questions about Visas, shipping etc, let me know. We did it the oppisite way, got Visas and then gave notice at work, etc, but it was still incredibly stressful not telling people and then not having a job lined up. Good Luck, it’s doable!

  2. Emily West says:

    I know exactly what you’re going through. After all the paperwork and physicals and having to return to the doctor during a snowstorm with two toddlers in tow to have him sign the forms correctly, Greg had his phone interview only to be told NZ Immigration would weigh everything and then notifiy us if we had a 2 year Permanent Visa or a 3 month Work to Residency Visa. All that time and money to uproot from everything we knew to frantically finding a job and housing for three months and then continually stay employed and start the PR visa process over again. I was devasted but in the end we got it. And the first two years were crazy too with job insecurity and the freezing cold rental we lived in but it’s all good now. Good on you for thinking of the positives and our offer stands for you guys to spend some time in Auckland before you hit Gizzy. Then again, island hopping around the South Pacific sounds amazing too. Niue, New Caledonia, Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands and of course Fiji. Either way it’s an adventure!

  3. rachbyrnes says:

    Aw…sending good thoughts your way! Hang in there! I like your HI and Fiji idea. 🙂

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