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Clenching jaw, getting headache, venting steam into blog post.

It’s unbelievable to write this, but Sean has his final work day five weeks from today. We are getting close to the final month countdown. And yet… Most notably, we have no visas because we’re still awaiting the Medical Council … Continue reading

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I’m wading in the calm waters.

Today, when I woke up our 5 year old daughter, her first words were, “How many more days until we move to New Zealand?” I know that the adjustment to her new life there will involve various stages. I’m sure … Continue reading

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The path turns and suddenly the wind is at our backs.

Apparently, if you give a cry out into the big open sky, someone hears you. Within a day of writing the previous post in which I gripe and vent, the sky opened up and the sun shone down on our … Continue reading

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The Waiting Starts to Get Tense

I haven’t written in awhile because it seems like very little has changed. Too little has changed, and yet here we are with 7 weeks left. How is this all going to come together? How can it possibly? Here’s where … Continue reading

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