Finally we are cleared by the FBI

Phew! I mean the joke of course is that we have no FBI background. But it’s taken an eternity for the letters to arrive. Actually, after all this time, I was surprised to realize that I found them disappointingly brief. Couldn’t they say, instead of the curt, “HAS NO ARRESTS” something like “Unblemished Record,” or “Upright Citizen?” They literally say very little else. But seriously, I’m truly glad the FBI has so little about which to comment on me, and glad not to have to endure more of a delay. In fact just last night, in a moment of sleeplessness, I began to fear that the FBI clearances had actually already arrived but that they’d gotten mistakenly shuffled in with the junk mail and had been recycled. Thankfully I can delete that nightmare daydream from my repertoire. It’s a slippery slope for me, between lying awake and dreading the possible fates of an innocuous envelope and cold sweats and begin maniacally rifling through the massive recycling bin outside.

Now, we wait for approval from the Medical Council of New Zealand for Sean to practice medicine there. Once that comes, we can send off the visa applications. And once those are approved and we have four visas for us all to get into the country, then we can finally get to a few things like renting a house in Gisborne, registering Thora for school, buying airfare, and shipping off some of the few belongings that we plan to keep with us, you know, things that you really like to put off until the last possible minute. Sarcasm!

But as the Kiwis who we know keeping telling us, it’ll all come together. I like to fantasize about one day, after having absorbed the kiwi lifestyle, feeling that relaxed about such major transitions. Until then…

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