Sunset in Gisborne, NZ, photo by Becky Jones c 2012

We’ve made another great contact in New Zealand, another American expat doctor who currently works at the hospital where Sean will work. She’s been so kind to make herself available via email for any questions we think to ask, to share with us her experience, and recently, allowing us to see the country as she does. Here is a photo she took in late February. We’re very excited about this move. There are many moments when Sean says to me, “I want to be there now,” and I agree. Now that this next phase is seeming more imminent, there are times when it feels tortuous to wait out the inevitable delay. We know that this final spring and summer in New England is to be cherished. But getting photos like this make us all the more certain that we’re right to try this, to make this leap into our future. As Becky said in the email to Sean referring to the sunsets, “They’re not all like this, but these are not at all rare. Simply stunning!” Agreed. I can’t wait to take one of these in with my own eyes.

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