A Whole Lotta Nothing

It’s strange, the situation we’re currently in. Our impending move is THE most exciting thing happening in our lives, and yet nothing is happening at the moment. Friends ask me, “So what’s new with the move to New Zealand?” and I have nothing new to tell them. People who I don’t know all that well, but with whom I find myself ankle-deep in a friendly chat will ask, “So what’s new with you these days?” Oh, nothing much, is the inevitable response. The same old same old.

I have this very big deal in the works, but I’ve found that it’s just easier to say nothing, than to bring it up. I’m an over-sharer by nature. I’m the person who finds it so easy, and to be honest, a secret pleasure, to reveal things to strangers whose judgements I’ll never know since I’m unlikely ever to encounter them again. So it’s an exercise in restraint for me not to indulge this impulse to share.

Moms and Dads with kids my daughter’s age have begun the endless Public School Lottery discussion. And while my daughter is eligible to start Junior-K this fall, I’m oblivious to the stresses of it, since it’s very likely that we’ll be gone. I plan to pick one of our “proximity” schools as our first choice, perhaps list a couple other nearby schools with great reputations. But I’m not sweating it. I don’t have to. But I don’t divulge the truth behind my seeming apathy. I just figure that the other parent thinks I’m careless or pathetically uninformed about the mania with which this process needs to be addressed.

We have about 6 weeks before 2011 comes, when we’ll begin my husband’s job hunt in earnest. Then we’ll know where we’ll be headed. That’s when our mania will begin. We’ll begin researching the area, trying to get feedback on the towns that we know nothing about. In a frenzy, we’ll make decisions about our condo, our car, our stuff. We’ll finally have things to tell people when they ask. But until then, I live my life more privately than I’ve ever lived, and, like a guilty child, hide my smirk behind my hand.

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