A quick comparison

My husband and I have been talking recently about our perception of New Zealand, and how these perceptions have likely been idealized. We try to remind ourselves to be realistic about the challenges that will face us; to name but a few: the sense of ourselves as outsiders; the likelihood that it will be months before we’re settled into a semi-permanent living situation; that we’ll likely be planning to move within the country after the end of our first year commitment.

But another topic that comes up is the realism of crime and hatred the world over and that New Zealand isn’t unburdened by these unavoidable human tendencies. We are moving to New Zealand to have the chance to live abroad in a country that–overall–we believe will provide for us and our kids a better quality of life. We anticipate more time with each other since my husband’s career won’t take up so much of his day. We anticipate adjusting to a slightly slower pace to life. But we don’t pretend that we won’t see poverty or bigotry.

But, with that being said, here is just one comparison. And while I’ve yet to see the details within the larger context, I feel like it does reassure us that we are making a good decision in embarking on this adventure.

Total number of murders in the Boston-area so far in 2010 (just 10 months): 54
Total number of murders in all of New Zealand in all of 2009: 51

Again, I know it’s probably unfair to present these two figures without any more supporting facts, like population size (crime per capita), etc. But until I sift through the right information, these two numbers speak to me, regardless of what else I’m missing.

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